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Love interesting, delicious food you can’t get just anywhere?
The excellent food vendors presenting at the Rotary Club of Coatesville Strawberry Festival are one of the event’s greatest attractions with Greek, Barbecue, Caribbean, and Italian food among others.

 The excellent food vendors presenting at the Rotary Club of Coatesville Strawberry Festival are one of the event’s greatest attractions.

2022 Food Vendors

Asia Fusion Elite

Chicken on stick, shrimp on stick, fried rice,

noodle, spring roll, lemonade, iced tea


Big Fat Daddy's

Booth 1

Texas Beef Subs, Texas Cheesesteaks, Pulled Pork Subs w Slaw, Italian Sausage Onions Peppers, Corn dogs, Jumbo Turkey Legs, Italian Sausage, Rib Dinners & Chicken Dinners.  Items also available on Nachos (Texas Nachos. Pork Nachos etc.)  or Loaded Fries for Gluten free People.  Sides are like fries, beans, slaw, whatever else for platters. 

Booth 2

Crabby Stand may include Crabby Fries, Crabby Nachos, Crap Dip in Bread Boule or on Pretzels, Crabcakes if not astronomical, platters and sides the famous got beef crabcake topped with bacon beef cheddar etc. 

Fresh Squeezed Strawberry Lemonade

Fresh Squeezed Watermelon Lemonade

Fun*tastic Foods

Philly Cheesesteaks & Chicken Cheesesteaks, Italian Sausage Sandwiches,
French fries (w/cheese), lemonade, and YooHoo

Glen & Carol Warren

Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken


Hot & Fresh Grill

Chicken wings (special homemade sauce, mild, buffalo, hot, garlic parmesan, plain) with french fries, Taco salad, Burrito, Vegetable falafel, Chicken shawarma, Gyro (lamb, chicken, beef), Chicken buffalo sandwich, Hot dog, Lamb shawarma, Grape leaves, Deep fried mac and cheese, Fried oreo, Ribbon fries, Fries, Funnel cake, Chicken tenders with fries, Corn dog, Lemonade

J & J Kettle Korn, LLC

Kettle corn (classic and strawberry), chocolate dipped cheesecake on a stick,
fresh brewed iced tea and lemonade

LaVelle's Smokehouse

Chicken Skewer, Pork Skewer w/BBQ Sauce,

Steak Skewer w/Chimichurri Sauce, Birria Tacos w/Consomè,

Chicken Tacos w/onions & cilantro, Steak Tacos w/onions & cilantro,

Carnitas Tacos w/onions & cilantro,

Fried Shrimp Tacos w/Pineapple Slaw (flour tortilla),

Loaded Chicken or Carnitas Nachos, Loaded Steak or Birria Nachos

Rita's Italian Water Ice of Gap

Italian ice, gelati, cones/cups, sundaes, milkshakes, misto

PC Event Services

Chicken on a stick platter, pulled pork sandwich, pulled pork nachos, sausage & peppers, cheese steak, cheese steak nachos, chicken tenders platter, mac-n-cheese, french fries, cheese fries

Savanna's Tender Love & Fries

Cheese steak egg rolls, chicken tenders, Buffalo Chicken Fries,

Curly Fries, Strawberry Lemonade

Wow Foods

Lobster roll, poutine, pig dippers, smoked burnt ends
beef brisket poutine, mac & cheese w/ pulled pork, fish
tacos, grilled chicken caprese sandwich,

grilled vegetable wrap, shrimp tacos,

BBQ smoked brisket cheesesteak sandwich,

keto pizza, garlic-parmesan truffle fries, crabby fries,

loaded waffle fries, french fries,

fried pickles, fresh strawberry lemonade,

and fresh squeezed lemonade,

fresh squeezed peach-mango lemonade,

fresh squeezed raspberry lemonade